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networked banking


Whether you form part of a business that maintains an account with facevalue, or are simply an individual that demands the best from digital banking, you will find expression to your most important daily banking needs with facevalue whether you are an active or occasional user.

Your user profile gives you access to many outstanding products and services in facevalue, but the best parts require that you open a facevalue bank account.

  • Enrol for an account and create sub-accounts on the fly for family, or savings.
  • Scan your other cards using our mobile app and select which one you want to spend with.
  • Exchange currencies real-time including crypto currencies.
  • Manage your personal financial affairs, by tagging your expenses on the fly and visually comparing actual versus budgeted spend.
  • Make payments using your favourite method.


Networked banking for businesses is the ultimate business banking account designed for small and large business alike. Manage your exposure by choosing which bank you would like your deposits held with from our list of correspondent banks while using facevalue to manage your account seamlessly with the rest of our products.

Experience the power of integrated treasury and risk management tools at your fingertips for interest, currencies and credit counterpart analysis.

  • Enrol for an account and create sub-accounts on the fly to segregate funds.
  • Maintain any major currency segregated in one account and see your balances reported real-time in your base reporting currency.
  • Exchange currencies real-time at super low transparent rates.
  • Acquire card payments for your business without any additional setup.
  • Make and receive payments in a broad range of alternative payment methods around the world.

Supply chain finance

Early payment


Manage your liquidity, risk and transactional banking all in one place. facevalue will lend you the face value of any invoice we have approved the credit standing off for IPU invoices at an interest rate that reflects the credit risk of the Buyer.

Select any invoice marked as eligible for finance in your accounts receivable ledger in facevalue, negotiate the interest rate and receive the funds in your facevalue account instantly.

You can submit your supply agreements for assessment and request finance against invoices not yet approved by your Buyer.

Ask facevalue to assess Buyers, not yet credit approved and increase the invoices you can borrow against by submitting a request right in your accounts receivable ledger.


Ensure a healthy supply value chain by assisting your Suppliers to improve their liquidity without impacting your credit in any way. facevalue is funded exclusively from debt capital market investors and not banks.

Manage your counter party risk and improve your treasury's efficiency. After all, Buyers are also Suppliers and Suppliers are also Buyers. Consolidate your debtor and creditor management in one place by routing all invoice data to facevalue via any major e-Invoice service provider.

When your Supplier requests you to issue an IPU statement, you earn the right of first refusal to pay the invoice in question early at the finance rate the Supplier has accepted. If you need the liquidity, pass the offer up and facevalue will finance the Supplier.


facevalue sources investment capital from non-bank liability based asses specialists ranging from hedge funds, alternative asset managers, money-market funds and family offices.

We act as a platform and extend our trading platform to investors where they manage and filter the deal flow they have an appetite for. Investors can manage an order book for counterparties, or approve each offer individually.

facevalue provides a recommended fair-value spread for counterparty risk and seamlessly negotiates and settles the interest rate between the investor and the borrower.

Payment of encumbered receivables is routed automatically to a suspense account from where Investors are repaid the principal and final interest due before being cleared into the borrower's account ensuring that there is no co-mingling of funds.

vpn_locke-Invoice service providers

facevalue integrates with leading e-Invoice service providers where we extract invoice data after explicit permission has been granted by the user. The invoice data is then rendered in accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers within the user's secure facevalue domain where they can select which invoices they would like finance against.

Our principle e-Invoice collaborator is Tieto in Finland, who maintains interoperability with more than 40 major e-Invoice service providers. facevalue also sells Tieto's e-Invoice service directly to end-users. Please refer to e-Invoice for more information.

facevalue collaborates with e-Invoice service providers by sharing fees with their user base on a usage basis of supply chain finance. Collaboration is fundamental to supply chain finance. Without open standards and access to customers, our solution cannot scale and our collective clients cannot benefit.

Supply chain finance

1It is a prerequisite to discount an invoice to facevalue, that the supply of services, or goods has been completed entirely and without defect. Once the supply has been completed, the Supplier will invoice their customer (the “Buyer”).

2facevalue provides an e-Invoice service in partnership with Helsinki based Tieto, one of the largest interoperable e-Invoice platforms in the world. The e-Invoice service is interoperable with more than 50 major e-Invoice services around the world, which ensures that you can exchange e-Invoices with most business, similar to email.

facevalue clients can subscribe to the e-Invoice service online from within their secure facevalue domain. The service is system agnostic and integrated into any ERP typically within two weeks.

facevalue users that do not wish to integrate the service into their ERP system, can capture and upload conventional invoices, or create an e-Invoice from within their secure facevalue domain.

3Delivery of all e-Invoices into the ERP of the recipient is confirmed systemically. facevalue clients can include a request in the invoice to their customer, the Buyer, who can issue an irrevocable payment undertaking (“IPU”) statement. The IPU request is created in the users accounts receivable ledger by generating an unique URL, which is pasted in the e-Invoice. When the Buyer clicks on the URL link, it navigates to its own facevalue domain where it can issue the IPU statement.

An IPU statement is a binding undertaking to pay a specific invoice on a specific date. Enrolment to facevalue’s IPU and Dynamic Discount program for Buyers is required. When a non facevalue user receives an IPU request for the first time, an automated and customised workflow is followed online to enrol to facevalue in order to participate.

4All e-invoices created, whether on an integrated ERP, our web portal, or a conventional invoice captured, are listed in the user’s accounts receivable ledger. In the ledger, the user can select which invoices it would like to discount to facevalue.

Users can request facevalue to approve invoices of Buyers that are not marked as eligible to discount and facevalue will assess the credit of the Buyer. If successful, offer the credit of the particular Buyer to our investors, thereby increasing the list of eligible counterparts it offers finance against.

When a user submits a discount request, facevalue offers an indicative discount rate and offers the receivable as an investment security to its Investors.

The Investors bid on the receivables and a final discount rate is agreed between the Supplier and the Investor with the leading bid.

5When the terms are agreed between all parties, the details are recorded in a Transaction Schedule. The Supplier sells the receivable to facevalue’s Insolvency remote special purpose vehicle (SPV), which in turn sells it to the Investor that won the bid.

6The Investor pays for the receivable after facevalue delivers the invoice and supporting documents to the Investors systems and facevalue remits payment of the discounted receivable to the Supplier.

7It is a prerequisite that the Nominated Account (owned by the SPV to avoid a commingling of funds), which facevalue communicates to each client that signs up for its supply chain finance product, lists a specific Nominated Account where invoice payments have to be made in order for the receivable to be marked as eligible to discount in its accounts receivable ledger.

On the due date of the invoice, the Buyer pays the invoice into the Supplier’s Nominated Account. When the receivable is discounted to facevalue, it assumes the credit risk, but not the timing risk. In the event of a default by the Buyer, there is no liability for the Supplier, but should the Buyer pay the invoice after its due date, the Supplier will be liable for interest at the agreed yield of the discounted receivable.

8Payments received in the Supplier’s Nominated Account that are associated to discounted receivables are used to settle the discounted value to the Investor that bought the receivable. facevalue reconciles the credits received with the discounted value and interest due. Should there be a surplus, the balance is paid to the Supplier’s own account and in the event of late payment, any accrued interest outstanding will be collected by facevalue and settle the Investor.

9The Nominated Account serves as a transmission account for Suppliers for all their receipts. All credits received not associated with discounted receivables are swept into the Supplier’s own account by facevalue.