Fair use and refund policy
Date of publication - 6 October 2016

About facevalue's fair use and refund policy

This policy is an expression of facevalue's comprehension, adherence and respect of the public and our client's rights in general and specifically as legislated in the Netherlands and decreed by the European Commission.

facevalue strives to always treat its clients fair, be true to it's advertising, promotions and representations and is transparent in the calculation of all its fees, interest and subscription charges.

Marketing to the public shall not purposefully be misleading or omit important information, neither shall our communication and contracts with our clients and visitors to our website confuse or provide incorrect information. Our goal is to always ensure that parties that use our services have all the relevant information required to make an informed decision for its use.

facevalue does not, nor will employee any aggressive marketing tactics, or unsolicited supply of its products or services.

Internal policy and code of conduct

As an organisation, facevalue is internally governed by an Operational Framework Manual (OFM), which sets out the protocol, policies and procedures for all its employees and managers. The OFM includes a code of conduct that embodies facevalue's core value of "do what you say and say what you do".

Adherence to facevalue's policies

We publish a set of policies and terms and conditions that all users have to accept to enrol for a user profile. facevalue is a secure network of users, whom have all been enrolled by our compliance department. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers. Each user's identity and address is positively validated and screened against a myriad of databases for any adverse information or association.

Products and services are governed by their own agreements

Each product and service we offer is subject to a separate agreement with its own set of terms and conditions and some products and services are governed by their own service level agreements that the user has to agree to in order to use the relevant product, or service.

Notwithstanding that products and services are governed by their own agreements, the terms shall remain fair and equitable to facevalue and its clients.

Refund policy

As each one of our products and service are governed by their own agreements. Our products and services are abstract and therefore not capable of return, only cancellation. Please refer to the respective agreement governing the product in question to find out more about the cancellation terms and conditions.

Should facevalue develop physical products capable of return, this policy will be updated and our users will be informed of the change.